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Technical English

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"Technical English", strictly speaking, does not exist. If we look inside the great vastness of the English language for a particular dialect, with its own technical specifications, we will not find it. Nor find a technical Spanish course, or any other language with this feature. But the term technical English is useful to the same extent as the terms poetic English, or colloquial English, are. That is to say, to rather indicate a way of expressing ideas. A style.

What we call technical English, far from presenting its own structures, introduces a unique style, saturated with a number of structural and semantic features of the language which defines a very specific and special way of expressing ideas. A style. Generally impersonal, brief, precise, and without superfluous literary insertions, which seeks to reflect the basic objective of a technical or scientific activity.

The scientific writing, technology and business emphasizes the real and dispassionate register of different sectors and their products.

Our mission at Technical English Center allows employees of all sectors become accustomed to the style of technical English in order to operate and communicate professionally in their job field.

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